We allow athletes to defer to a future race or transfer their slot to another athlete following the procedure found in the link below:




Refunds are to be provided for reasonable causes and each refund request will be reviewed and approved individually. Please note that the amount of refund will vary according to the following refund date based on the date of receipt of the 'Refund Request Form'. If a refund request is approved, we will process it according to the conditions below.    

A. There will be a 10% processing fee if refund is requested  
    and approved on or before 23rd July, 2018 18:00 KST.   

B. From 24st July, 2018 to 15th August, 2018 18:00 KST, onward, the athlete  
   will be charged 50%. This is to protect the event from cancellations which will have an  
   effect to the event's logistics.  

C. You will NOT be eligible for a refund after August 15th, 2018 18:00 KST. 

* Therefore, please keep this in mind for purchases made
FAQ-Processing Procedure  

 1) Click the below link  to request for a refund.  
2) Fill out the refund request form and completely and submit so we can process your request without issues.

3) your refund request will be processed within 5-7 business days.   
* Refund is not applicable if the refund request form is canceled or unsent.  
  Please refer to the FAQ.  
* Organizer will no longer take responsibility for refunds requested past the due date.  




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