Paying For Multiple Athletes/Teams

  1. Go to the official website ( and register as normal for the first athlete until you reach this screen.
  2. Click "Add new entry" to register another athlete.
  3. The information of the first athlete is kept in the upper right corner, and it returns to the first page so you can provide the information of the second athlete. 
  1. After completing the second athlete's information, check the details in the right hand corner again to make sure that both athletes are in there.
  2. Do the same for other athletes that you wish to add and then once you have finished this you may proceed to "checkout".
  3. You have successfully enrolled multiple athletes with a single payment!
  • All registrations are final. The official transfer process applies if an athlete is transferring his race to a different athlete.
  • In order to participate in the race, the “Waiver” and the “Refund Policy” must be signed by athletes on the race day.
  • If it is found on race day that an athlete is racing in behalf of another athlete without officially transferring the entry, the violating athlete will not be allowed to run.
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